Sunday, 17 February 2008

Chocolate Cake

There's something about Sunday that makes you want to relax and almost imitate the coffee/cafe culture/newspaper in hand kind of day. I thought I would attempt a chocolate cake. I was following a recipe I saw on youtube that seemed simple but wanted to change a few ingredients so it wasn't so nutty. Instead of cashews I used coconut. I also used a little less dried fruit as we don't like things too sweet.
As I went along I really had to adapt the whole thing. In the video they put the ingredients into a vitamix but I knew from experience this wasn't going to work (in the US they seems to have wider jugs). I processed the ingredients in my food processor instead and then blended up a little of the mixture in the vitamix into a sauce to stir through the processed mixture. All in all, I will do my own thing next time but it introduced me to making raw cake so that it comes out like solid chocolate and you can actually cut a nice triangular piece.
raw chocolate cake