Saturday, 7 April 2012

Raw Chocolate Taster!

If you missed out on quality raw chocolate for this Easter, here's your chance to try out some new recipes I'm working on next week.  I'm offering Raw Chocolate Tasters - a little selection of delicious raw chocolate delights to enjoy!

Some delights  I'm creating are:-

Raw Chocolate truffles - velvety chocolate truffles rolled in pure cacao with spices, vanilla and essential oil of orange
something that reminds me of  a wagon wheel
something that reminds me of a bounty bar
Chocolate biscuits with cream centres
Peppermint squares
anything else I come up with!  Or, even you!  If you have an imaginative suggestion for me to try, why not ask me for it?!

Price for a chocolate taster parcel is 21 pounds plus 4 pounds p&p