Friday, 16 October 2009

Raw Gold Chocolate Gift Box - Valentine's Gift!!!

165gms of pure chocolate bliss!

4 varieties of chocolates:-

  • mint chocolate crunch (with buckwheaties)
  • orange hazelnut squares
  • tropical delight (sesame/coconut coated in dark chocolate)
  • chocolate truffles (hazelnut/sesame, cacao, spices)

Sorry, the 'Chocolate Boxes' are no longer available but if you want to make your own delicious chocolates like these see 'Raw Chocolate Treats' for the recipes!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Raw Chocolate Treats ebook is here!!!

Raw Chocolate Treats by Anabrese

Make Your Own Raw Chocolate at Home!!

The recipes are simple enough to give every chocolate lover a unique creative experience.

Making your own raw chocolate at home is rewarding, good fun and even cheaper than buying commercially available chocolate bars. You can become your very own raw chocolatier in your own home making raw chocolates for yourself, your family and as gifts for friends. The book also includes delicious chocolate-tasting desserts.

Have a chocolicious day!