Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nut Clusters & Hot Chocolate

In these damp and cold Autumn days, I really enjoy a cup of creamy hot chocolate with something sweet that is quick to make if I have nothing raw already made up.

To make instant hot chocolate, just blend the following:-

1 cup hot water (you can use your seed milk if you have some)
2 tsp cacao powder
2 tsp mesquite meal
1-2 tsp favourite sweetner ie honey or xylitol or agave
1 pinch sea salt (brings out the flavour)
pinch cinnamon and ginger (opt)
1 handful macademia or pine nuts or brazils

Blend until creamy and adjust sweetening, spices

Raisin/nut clusters

1 cup nuts (macs, brazils, almonds)
1/2 cup raisins
little water or orange juice
cacao powder

Process the nuts, then add the raisins and process again.   Add a little water to make a sticky dough.  Break off small pieces and roll in cacao powder.


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