Tuesday, 25 January 2011

White & Dark Chocolate Lovehearts & Roses - St Valentine's

Sit back and enjoy these especially smooth white and dark chocolates joyfully created by Anabrese.  

Each bag contains a mixture of white and dark raw chocolate lovehearts and roses for your pleasure and delight.  Will it be dark or white?  Choose from sweet sensuous creamy white or dark velvety cacao spice. 

A lovely gift to yourself or to share with a loved one for Valentine's Day or for anytime you would like to lose yourself in some raw chocolate bliss!  

These chocolates are creamy, smooth and velvety rich melt-in-your-mouth yummy!

Ingredients:-cacao butter, coconut oil, mesquite, lucuma, cacao, maca, purple corn extract, coconut, ginger, chilli, xylitol, raw organic honey, essential oil of orange. 

70g Mixed white and dark raw chocolates - £4.95

For multiple orders and discounts, send me an email: info'at'rawlifestyle.co.uk  Replace 'at' with @

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