Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Raw Lifestyle Bites - Anabrese's Three Wishes!

These are the foods that I would put on my Raw Wish List.  So, here are my top 3 food wishes I would like to share with you!


Raw Chocolate Gateaux ( 1 medium slice)
 Smoothe, rich chocolate taste with a yummy purple cream filling and a pure chocolate icing!
 Ingredients:-almonds, brazils, sesame seed, lucuma, cacao, coconut oil, purple corn extract, vanilla, cacao butter, raw honey

Chocolate Fondant Love Hearts 80g   
 A wonderful succulent coconut fondant centre enveloped in dark chocolate. Very decadent.

 Ingredients:- coconut, coconut oil, oil of peppermint, cacao butter, lucuma,mesquite, vanilla, raw honey       

Focaccia Crispbread 100g
A very tasty crisp bread with Italian seasoning to enjoy with your favourite dip or spread.  

Ingredients:- sprouted buckwheat, pumpkin, flax, olive oil, herbs, tomato, olives, herbs, garlic, sea salt

 All 3 for only £15!!!
 (+£3 p&p)

For Cake and Chocolates Only, please order below

2x Chocolate Fondant Lovehearts
1x Rich Chocolate Gateaux slice
(or you can ask for it the other way round ie less chocolate, more cake!)

£15 plus £3 p&p


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